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Basement Waterproofing Philadelphia

We offer the best Basement Waterproofing Delaware County has to offer. There are many different waterproofing contractors available throughout the Tri-State area. What makes us different is the ability to work with any situation and give our clients the very best Basement Waterproofing Pa. We service all the counties throughout the Tri-States, If you aren’t sure give us a call. Our waterproofing system is the best on the market and we are constantly learning and growing our knowledge of waterproofing. There are many companies that will sell you a system to keep your basement dry, but is it actually working? Your basement is dry so it must be working right? Well damage was done by the water already, is it still going to be causing damage to your walls and foundation? Let us give you a free inspection and estimate!


Tri-State Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing your home, office or commercial property we are the ones to call. We have several different options, from new construction buildings to old existing leaking walls and basements. We like to do true waterproofing which is done from the outside of the building which requires excavation around the property to properly address the problem areas and to water proof the entire building. You can see the different ways of waterproofing in the pictures on the page. As you can see the foundation being waterproofed BEFORE the building is completed keeping all water away from the home and basement.

With any waterproofing service sometimes there is no way to get to the outside of the foundation wall. In those cases we are able to waterproof from the inside of the basement. When this service is required we must remove concrete from the basement floor around the perimeter to install a drain system ran to a sump pump to remove any water that will enter inside the wall. This service is what most homes receive because of the location or setting of the building.