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Epoxy Injection

So what is Concrete Epoxy Injection? Do you have poured concrete walls on your home, office or commercial building?Well sometimes you will notice water will penetrate the cracks and cause moisture inside your building or home and that is the last place you want water to penetrate. When this happens the water will freeze and expand with the weather through the seasons and can eventually cause the concrete to crack more, let more water in and eventually cause structural damage. So we want to avoid that at all costs! We have a system where we clean the crack on the wall, once that is done we apply small ports every 6-10″ along the crack with a special cement epoxy. When they dry we then inject a two part epoxy into the crack which pushes out and against the soil if the wall is under ground and we chase the crack up until the whole crack is filled. We then remove the ports and clean the wall up leaving no trace of us being there. What this does is create a waterproof barrier when done correctly. We have many different systems for all type of concrete issues. Contact us anytime.

With epoxy we have a water proofing foam or an epoxy for structural cracks and non structural cracks. The waterproofing foam works great for those pesky basement leaks. whereas the epoxy is for more of a structural applications but we have it all for whatever the issue may be.

This Is A Picture Of Epoxy Injection Done By Tri-State Concrete Leveling