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Concrete PolyLeveling Vs Mudjacking

So we have already explained to you what Concrete Lifting AKA Polyleveling is. Here we are going to explain the difference’s between Mudjacking and Polyleveling so you can decide which is best for your situation. With Polyleveling you see we only need to drill small holes 5/8″ very small and most of the time when patched you don’t even notice there were holes drilled. Mudjacking requires a much larger diameter hole 1 5/8″ most times. So the hole is much larger and more noticable when patched. With Polylevel the chemicals do the work! We pump two seperate chemicals that when the interact with each other the create the “foam” or “leveler” Once the chemicals interact they get to work and start to rise causing the concrete to lift up while filling in the gaps. Mudjacking works a little different, Basically a slurry of concrete is mixed on a “pump machine” the machine then pumps it through the hoses to the concrete slab that needs to be lifted, Mudjacking relies on the pressure to lift the slab where as Polylevel is all chemical interaction. Polylevel also is very good at dispersing water and is water proof, where concrete or mudjacking is not. Mudjacking also attaches it self to the bottom of the concrete, so if you have an area that has sank and you add more weight to bad soil it will continue to sink. Polylevel is light as air and does not add weight to the concrete and will pump down into those small areas to fill in the gaps.

An Animation of what polly lifting is by Tri State Concrete leveling Delco


All in all both systems are great. Poly-level is a green new product, Yes it cost more but it will last longer than mud jacking. When a floor is being mud jacked the concrete slurry gets under the slab and attaches it self when it dries. When this happens if there is a void or bad soil the now level concrete slab will be heavier and may sink faster and it will be more costly to remove now that extra concrete has been added. Polylevel fills in all the voids and gaps and does not add weight to the existing concrete.

So when it comes to Polylevel Vs Mudjacking. We only use Polylevel as mudjacking would not give us the the outcomes we would like. So give us a call if you have any questions about your projects! im sure we can help. We may not have all the answers but the expertise we have is a lot better then most companies out there just trying to sell you products.